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The opinion of the press on NavyField:

Navy Field is the most comprehensive, additive and realistic WWII simulation game I’ve played and I would recommend anyone who has a passion for ships, WWII or even online tactics games to take a look. You will not be disappointed.

Navy Field a very interesting and satisfying massive multiplayer game, because I am sick of those fantasy mmorpg that don’t bring nothing new. So give it a try, if you want something new, and like naval battles.

The gameplay in Navy Field is very balanced, fast-paced and quite challenging indeed – mostly in a good way. The greatest strength of Navy Field lies in its variety, relative balance of power between ships and weapon systems, and the players that inhabit the battlefield.

Marinefreunde dürften in NavyField aufgehen! Ferner besticht der Titel durch seine Realitätsnähe, vielen Möglichkeiten im Schiffsausbau und große Schlachten mit bis zu 128 Spielern in einem „Battle Room". Auch für Landratten ist der kostenlose Titel definitiv ein Spaß für zwischendurch.
[english : Naval friends will most likely love NavyField! Furthermore, the game convinces because of its contact with reality, many opportunities in shipbuilding and large battles with up to 128 players in a “Battle Room”. Even for landlubbers this free game is definitely fun here and there.]

Wer auf MMO-Action der etwas anderen Art steht, dem sei ein Blick auf das Programm wärmstens empfohlen.
[english : Whoever likes MMO Action of a different nature is highly recommended to have a look at this program.]

Liebhaber der Marine und komplexen Ausrüstungsvorgängen sind hier jedoch genau richtig.
[english : However for lovers of Navy and complex equipment processes is this the right place.]

Papier und Bleistift zücken und dann mit treffenden Koordinaten dem anderen eins überbraten - das war schon ganz nett, aber doch eher abstrakt und realitätsfern. Da ist uns "Navy Field", die moderne Variante des Schiffe versenken, schon lieber.
[english : Pulling out paper and pencil and then striking the other ones with the right coordinates - that was quite nice, but rather abstract and not close to reality. There is “Navy Field”, the modern version of sinking ships, the better choice.]
ROUTE49 03/2008