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BlackShot (Europe)

BlackShot is a tactical MMOFPS with intense PvP battles that have many different objectives and in many different areas and time periods. By fighting alongside your team and fulfilling different tasks, you will gain BlackShot Points (BP) and Experience(EXP) which you can use to advance your character in level, make new gear and weapons available, and gain access to some very important tactical skills which might save your life!

  • PC Online FPS (MMOFPS)
  • Free to Play
  • Advanced 3D graphics
  • "Battle of Vietnam" and "Word War II" scenario
  • Different characters with different abilities to choose from
  • 25 strategic maps including ruined cities and ICBM shelters
  • 5 different game modes (SD, SD-I, TFM, TDM and the unique Bunker Defense)
  • RPG-style level system
  • Weapon mastery system
  • Weapon upgrades
  • 100 different weapons (assault rifles, SMG, sidearms, sniper rifles, grenades, etc.)
  • Weapons from the past with iron sight aiming system
  • 51 different gear items (helmets, rappel gears, suits, etc.)
  • 23 special bonus items
  • 17 premium packs (items, bundles, etc)
  • Partner System
  • and much more to come
  • System Requirements

      Minimum System Requirements Recommended Specifications
    OS Windows 2000 / XP Windows Vista / Windows 7
    CPU Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Pentium IV 3.0 GHz
    RAM 512 MB RAM 1 GB RAM
    VGA DirectX ® 9.0
    GeForce FX 5700 / Radeon 9550
    DirectX ® 9.0
    GeForce FX 6800 / Radeon X550
    HDD 1 GB or more< 1 GB or more

    Leveling System

    BlackShot allows you to advance your character in many areas beyond simply leveling up. After advancing to specific ranks you will get access to special tactical slots, which allow you to equip your character with tactics. These tactics are skills which grant you to survive overwhelming odds and claim victory over your enemies

    Weapon System

    In BlackShot, not only the weapons have different specifications, you will also able to upgrade and modify them to change their performance. Additionally, your weapon skill increases every time you use your weapon. Weapon skills are categorized into 6 different areas (assault rifle, sniper, SMG, sidearm, grenade, melee weapons). Increasing these skills grants you access to special items. Mastering them unlocks the master weapons, which are totally different in performance.

    Clan and Community System

    By logging into the game you are already directly connected to all players who are also online. You can form clans, invite friends, and create rooms with them and enjoy the game with your favorite group or only with some friends. In addition to the basic functions the clan system offers, you can appoint your 2nd in command with rights to let other players join and also share clan invitation rights to other members.

    Game Modes

    BlackShot offers you five different game modes, each of which create intense and challenging battles. You like the hard and fast battles? No problem! Team Death Match offers some small and varied maps which create a uniquely fast-paced and thrilling game mode!

    Team Flag Match is a cooperative game mode which requires team play and coordination, and is the perfect game mode for clan vs. clan battles. Our large maps offer areas where you can sneak around or camp to snipe enemies who tries to steal your flag! Position your teams wisely and observe the area closely to prevent being overwhelmed by your enemy!

    Play Search and Destroy and enjoy the classic FPS game mode. Prevent the target from being bombed and find the bomb! If you don't like defending, just join the other team and place the charges, sit back and watch the fireworks! Our maps offer many ways to defend or infiltrate the bombsite. Use all of your tactics to be always one step ahead of your enemy!

    Choose Search and Destroy ? Infinite to play both offense and defense team. Plant and defuse bombs as many times as possible until time runs out. The team with the most successful bomb explosions wins!

    BlackShot offers you the unique game mode Bunker Defense. This is our very special game mode and it is exclusive to BlackShot! In Bunker Defense you and your three comrades will defend a fortified position against an advancing enemy detachment which will try to occupy it. This game mode is perfect to train your skills with different weapons, practice team coordination, and to develop the tactics needed to save yourself from being overwhelmed.